I wish to thank all the Team members of Living Communities who have worked tirelessly to support my son and our family through the trials and tribulations of the teen years.

What sets you apart from other service providers is your passion for person centered care, not just covering the shifts of care but matching the workers to the person. My son has gone from being a recluse and trusting no one with the belief that people were here just to get paid, to eagerly asking when his support person is coming as they show up every week, and go above and beyond to build that connection that my son so desperately seeks.

Living Communities doesn’t just acknowledge the goals on the client’s plan, they absorb them and work with you and your allied health team to identify what their support workers need to provide to aide the participant to reach them. They meet the participant where they are at, seek advice and strategies from the allied health team when required to identify how to support to move the participant towards achieving their goals.

Above all for me as my son’s guardian, Living Communities has listened without judgement and with compassion, they have let me have a voice and taught me that it is one that is necessary and must be heard.

Through having their support we have managed to move through family crisis and developed my son’s independence and confidence to accept himself and see himself as capable with a place in this world.