S+B Nexus Pty Ltd, Trading as Living Communities was established in 2020. Living Communities is a LGBTQI+ friendly Disability Support Agency. Our aim is to provide a range of services to assist members of the community who are unable to fully conduct their day-to-day tasks.

Our Mission

At Living Communities, we promote the individual rights, freedom and expression of our diverse community by promoting opportunities for meaningful participation in community, we do this to build a living community to ensure individuals who access our services reach their goals.

At Living Communities our primary objective is to provide disability support services to members of diverse communities and the LGBTI+ communities who identify as having a disability and/or require support services.

We aim to provide a range of services ranging from Assistance in Daily Living Requirements, Community Access Support, Garden and Yard Maintenance, Personal Training Services, Cleaning Services, and Food Preparation Support, community transport and advocacy.


Our Vision

Our vision is to promote the growth and development of the daily lives of our people, by building a living community, we do this by making our clients the centre of everything we do.

Our Values

We believe:

  • in truth, the nature of reality and the potential of the mind by abandoning negative, unskillful actions and desires. This will lead to personal fulfillment and happiness.
  • in the value of life.
  • success is not measured by greatness, but by the improvement given to a person or the world.
  • in the value and worth of all members of the S+B Nexus Group.
  • quality is achieved through continuous improvement.

Our Goals

  • We will achieve and maintain accreditation against quality standards and licensing requirements.
  • We will proactively manage complaints and develop customer loyalty through quality service with a continuous improvement framework.
  • Our workforce shall be adaptable, flexible, resilient and capable.
  • We shall be creative in our models of support to meet the goals of our clients.
  • We will provide the following service types:
    • Provision of services to people with a disability who are in need.
    • Improve the health and social welfare of the community.
  • We will provide support to children, youth and adults with a disability who are in need in a sustainable manner.



Phone: 1300 670 540

Brisbane Office

Address: Suite 14, 96 Cleveland Street, Stones Corner, QLD, 4120
Postal Address PO Box 338 Greenslopes QLD 4120
Phone 1300 670 540


Living Communities will ensure a Participant and/or Participant’s Representative understands their obligations and the opportunities available to them.
Living Communities acknowledges the following Participant/Participant’s Representative rights:

  1. The right to ask questions.
  2. The right to have a friend, family member or an advocate for support when dealing with Living Communities.
  3. The right to information on policies and procedures relevant to the Participant’s support.
  4. The right to make complaints and provide feedback about the services and support received.
  5. The right to partake in the development of the service, Participants/Participant’s. Representatives are invited to do this through formal and informal processes.
  6. The right to view and access the personal information held by the service to confirm accuracy.
  7. The right to review your plan at any time.
  8. The right to a dignity of risk for your own decisions.
  9. The right to respect for intimacy and sexual expression.
  10. The right to raise concerns directly with the NDIA Quality Safeguard Commission.

Living Communities also acknowledge that Participants/Participant’s Representatives have a number of responsibilities:

  1. The responsibility to treat employees, managers and other people associated with Living Communities fairly and with respect.
  2. The responsibility to make your concerns or complaints known to Living Communities so that we can address your issues and concerns in a timely manner.
  3. The responsibility to advise Living Communities if your information or needs change and ensure your service plan and the information we have is current.
  4. The responsibility to facilitate and ensure NDIS payment for approved services that have been delivered.

Supporting you to coordinate your plan and services:

There are several ways Living Communities can assist with direction and management of your plan and Living Communities services. We are also happy to advocate and provide additional information to ensure you are receiving the best support for your needs and requirements. Living Communities can:

  1. Work with and support you to develop and review care plans and review these plans annually or sooner as required either in person or by phone.
  2. Develop shift duties related to your support and care.
  3. Participate in surveys sent to you or provide feedback and input about staff performance and training needs at a local or service level either by requesting a meeting or by phoning us.
  4. You can raise issues anonymously through,
    • Living Communities website feedback portal
    • Submitting a Living Communities Complaints & Feedback form by post or email
    • Sending your feedback in writing to PO Box 338 Greenslopes QLD 4120
    • By phoning 1300 670 540
    • By emailing
    • By contacting the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission on 1800 035 544
    • For more information refer to 13. Complaints & Feedback
  5. From time to time Living Communities will hold local forums conducted at our centre or office base to give you an opportunity to suggest new service models or options that would benefit the wider community – varying and flexible dates.
  6. Your participation in staff selection and recruitment processes for staff providing direct care. During the intake an assessment process, Living Communities will determine your personal needs and support requirements and if requested, can create a profile of preferred support staff. In addition, we can also provide specific recruitment services (please note additional Human Resources fees may be required for this service type).
  7. Phone surveys are conducted from time to time on a regular basis to request feedback from Participants/Participant’s Representatives. This information is communicated directly to the Management Team.

We welcome and encourage all feedback and complaints in order to continually improve and update our services!